Hello, my name is Dr. Alejandro Quiroz. When I first started practicing Plastic Surgery 29 year ago this was my dream… to do everything in my power to RESTORE to as many women as possible the beauty they had before kids.

15,000 procedures later (for women and men all over the U.S., Canada and abroad) I've not only achieved that dream, but I've innovated the process for restoring your beauty. Our approach takes your three biggest concerns: (1) Results, (2) Safety and (3) Cost and addresses it thoroughly via our advanced training, team-Doctor approach and our unique non-surgical MediSpa options.

We know that shopping for a plastic surgeon can be confusing and even a bit scary. Did you know that any MD can call themselves a Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon? It's true. So, of course, you're warned over and over to work ONLY with a BOARD CERTIFIED Plastic Surgeon! But, the inside story is that just because a Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified (which is the minimum requirement) he or she may still not have the specialized experience, sensitivity or aesthetic talent YOU NEED in order to achieve the look you WANT. Frankly, the best questions you should ask are:

We hope this guide helps you get those questions answered so that you can know for sure who the best doctor is for your procedure.

Granted, I'd be VERY pleased if you choose CosMed and our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. But if, because of my advice, you choose a different doctor at least you'll know your procedure will be done safely, competently and—hopefully—for the right price!

Alejandro Quiroz, M.D.